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No, no weapons, no food rations, no underground shelters...Just music. Well, just music and this NEW WORLD SOUL SURVIVAL GUIDE. So why did I write this thing?  Simply because I wanted to share a few suggestions on how we might better enjoy and maybe even redefine our ‘New World.' 

1. Wake up folks...The game is on. There ARE powerful people vying for what remains of your bank accounts and constitutionally protected freedoms. Please ponder this frequently as you go about your daily life.

2. Pay attention to what the media you receive is actually saying, especially pay attention to what emotions the media you receive arouse inside you. It will tell you loads about the world in which we live. In my not so humble opinion, I think that the media owners intentionally “get us worked up” so that they can more easily mold our minds to their likings. But what are their ‘likings?’ Please ponder this frequently as well.

3. WATCH YOUR MONEY. Do enjoy yourself as much as you can, but WATCH YOUR MONEY. If you save up for those special occasions, indulgences, and gifts instead of charging them, those treats will be much more enjoyable. This is so because you won’t be left with a “hangover” of credit card debt afterwards. All the best on this one.

4. Pay your taxes. Do NOT try to get one over on the government by not paying or cheating on your taxes. (You’re actually paying your taxes in part as interest payments to your local, privately-owned central bank— known in the U.S. as the Federal Reserve. So every time the debt of a nation is increased, the central bankers involved in the “printing” of this “national debt” money get paid—and keep getting paid as and until the debt is repaid.) No matter what country you live in, the one thing that seems to anger the governments (and central bankers) is not paying your taxes. If you’re doing your best to correctly pay your taxes, chances are that the tax collector will in turn be reasonable—unless you are being messed with for some other reason. Anyway you look at it, you’re going to be in much better shape if you have done your level-best to get your taxes right. Regardless of your religious beliefs or non-belief, Jesus did give some good advice on this: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s."

5. Question everything...Don’t let your big dreams or high aspirations—we all have them—lead you astray, or even to ruin. People will tell you what you want to hear just to get you to give them money and/or other things. Whether you’re predator or prey in this scenario, please strive for an increasing level of dignity and honesty. Don’t be offended if somebody asks you to back up what you’re saying or doing. Likewise, don’t be afraid to ask others to back up what they’re saying or doing. The real people will respect you and the fake people will squirm and/or lash out at you. It’s better to know the “ugly” as soon as possible. This way you can better discern how to proceed.

6. Division...Don’t trust anyone who labels you and/or limits you by a superficial, imposed classification. And do your best not to do it to yourself or others. Please don’t buy into the media oligarchs sly way of manipulating and controlling us by dividing us up by age, gender, sexuality, creed, ethnicity, and whatever else they can come up with. “Those opinion polls are phony” and exist only to sell advertising and mold public opinion. We’re ALL taught this bull— in some way, but we can overcome it if we “wake up” to how we’re being manipulated. The funny thing is that our SIMPLE AWARENESS (and persistent chatter) is a more powerful tool than all of their high-tech weaponry and mind-control manipulations. My overriding point is this: don’t limit others, don’t let others limit you, and don’t let others limit others—for ANY reason.

7. KNOW that if enough people “wake up” and “take hold” of their lives that we can REALLY change things—and do so peacefully by just “bringing the noise” as Chuck D says. I do believe that we can make this ‘New World’ a much better place than it is. Maybe it won’t happen, but I do believe that it’s possible.

All The Best ;-)
​Sitting Dove