Sitting Dove released his new Zeta EP, a follow up to his groundbreaking debut Blossom (2014) LP.  Ratcheting up his revolutionary fervor on one hand while succumbing to the alluring grip of MK-Ultra mind control programming on the other, Sitting Dove journeys from the front lines of ‘Global Revolution’ into the toxic realms of witchcraft, depravity, and spiritual abyss. [*Available on iTunes, CD Baby and elsewhere online.]


"Not your standard Hip Hop..."

~Music Connection

​​Sitting Dove




The multi-genre music act (Hip Hop/Alternative/Country/Rock) known as Sitting Dove was formed October 2010 at a recording studio in Santa Monica, California. The concept of Sitting Dove, however, had been incubating for years.

One afternoon in the fall of 2007, a lone dove landed on the apartment stoop of yet another chewed-up and spit-out Hollywood wannabe. For some reason—possibly the California smog—this wannabe thought that the dove wanted its picture taken. So he took pictures for about twenty minutes as the dove “seemed to pose” for him. This "dove experience" struck him deeply and merged with his bewilderment at the forces that had brainwashed and consumed himself—and the world-at-large. He created the Rap/Hip Hop act called 'Sitting Dove' to communicate his outlook about the world to the world. He started out knowing nothing about music and proceeded to fall in love with the music-making process.

​Influenced by the likes of 2Pac, The Doors, Kanye West, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Pink Floyd, Sitting Dove continues to expand his musical horizons. He operates out of proverbial HOLLYWOOD and plans to periodically send his sonic waves worldwide as long as he’s compelled, able, and allowed to do so...

let the resolution begin


Sitting Dove goes Country with the release of the single ANGEL IN LACE. A departure from his prior Underground Hip Hop, this is pure Country/Folk with a Hip Hop twist.  [*To be Available on iTunes, CD Baby and elsewhere online.]



Sitting Dove released the BLOSSOM 2014 (LP)—a thirteen-track "sonic exploration of the worldly and other-worldly aspects of our shining western civilization."

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